deaf culture ppp

  PPT Project Objective: Student will select one project topic and create a PPT regarding the topic. The list of topics is below. Requirements:   • Ten PPT slides (including the topic slide and references slide) • First slide: The topic   • Second-ninth slides: Introduction of your topic, information regarding your topic, comparing, conclusion, questions you may have about the topic.   • Last slide: References • Use bullet points for the information/facts • Must incorporate a visual aid on each slide (video clip, photo, etc.) • Each slide must be free of spelling and grammar errors • Do not use Wikipedia as knowledgeable source Recommended: • Use Microsoft PowerPoint to complete this project Project topics:   • Deaf Culture vs. Hearing Culture • Deaf Culture Traditions: Compare with your own traditions • Deaf Culture: Compare American Deaf Culture and Deaf Culture from a different country. What is similar and what is different? • Deaf People’s rights, support and/or quality of deaf education in the US compared to a different country.   • What are the social interactions like in Deaf Culture? Student Learning Outcomes:   1. Identify Deaf culture and discuss situations that may be encountered 2. Outline the historical roots of American Deaf culture and deaf education 3. Explain the values, norms, cultural identity, and rules of social interaction within the American Deaf community 4. Describe the experiences of diverse multicultural communities within the larger American Deaf community   

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deaf culture ppp
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