DBMF 605 Pilgrims

How to get an A on your final research paper?

DBMF 605 Pilgrims

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DBMF 605 Pilgrims
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Subject: Research Paper Guidance

This Announcement is in response to some students who wish to WORK AHEAD on their Final Research Paper.  If you want to achieve the MOST LEARNING and HIGHEST GRADE on your Final Research Paper please use the headers below. Also make sure to address the issues suggested next to each sub header using academic and biblical content, references and development. Please use an APA attachment with running head and DOUBLE SPACING.

Title Page  per APA

Introduction (1 -2 short sentence Topic Description)

Definition of the HS Problem (What is the issue you studied and why is it a problem for social science?)

Causes and Root Cause  (What are the potential causes and root cause of your HS problem?)

History of the Problem  (How  has HS addressed/treated  this problem up until now?)

Future Recommendations (What are some potential new areas of HS Treatment/ Research?)

Personal Commitment (Why did you choose this topic and how are you going to address it personally?)

Biblical Perspective (What are the Bible verses and detailed integration to this Problem?)

Summary  (Briefly summarize your Topic’s 3-4 key points and your “bottom line”)

End References (Follow APA formatting but DO NOT SKIP SPACE AND START ON A NEW PAGE)

Most past students, if not otherwise directed, will devote 80%  of their paper to a combinations of Problem Definition, Causes and History when 50% is the desired combined maximum. Future Recommendations, Personal Commitment, BIBLICAL perspective and Summary, should ALSO be combined and enlarged to 50% of your paper.

Please start doing the pre-work research ASAP so that you can complete your paper without undue stress and last minute time pressure.

Feedback from outline :You are missing 1/5 of your final paper: Future recommendations. Also what about your personal commitment to this topic?


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