DB/LA due 10/03/21

1. What are your thoughts on Bop music? Particularly how it compares to music of the previous jazz eras you have studied in previous modules. Such as the Swing Era.
2. In short description form, detail and describe bop music. Be detailed in your answer. Your answer should be at least a paragraph in length. 
3. Describe the work of Charlie Parker in the bop era. Again, at least a paragraph in length.
4. Listen to Charlie Parker’s track: “Now’s the Time.”
In an analysis of at least two paragraphs, detail the music. Be sure to use terms. Terms are: melody, harmony and rhythm, improvisation, chord progression, lead sheet, fake book, form, riff, trading fours, jazz standard, syncopation, dissonance

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DB/LA due 10/03/21
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