Cyber Weapons

Week 9 Forum – Cyber Weapons
For your initial post, discuss all three topics below. 
Zero-Day exploits and Cyber Weapons

Analyze the significance of the STUXNET malicious code events in Iran, and the significance of the Dragonfly malicious code currently found in the US and Europe (Do not dwell on describing the effects, instead describe the significance).
Analyze the effects of the global market for sale of ZDEs.  Can the proliferation of ZDEs and cyberweapons be controlled or managed by a treaty similar to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty?   Is it possible to keep a count of cyber weapons the same way we can monitor nations to count their nuclear weapons?  Explain your answer.
Describe the characteristics and possible effects on computer equipment and businesses due to a cyberattack using Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) or Microwave Directed Energy.  Compare those characteristics and effects on computers to the traditional effects that are commonly associated with a malicious code cyberattack.  Look up the costs for various commercial EMP devices found for sale on the Internet. 

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Wk 9 – Loving the Cyber Bomb.pdf
Loving the Cyber Bomb? The Dangers of Threat Inflation in Cybersecurity Policy (source)
Wk 9 – Understanding Technologies of Terror.pdf
Understanding Technologies of Terror (source)
Wk 9 – Clash of Interpretations.pdf
Clash of Interpretations: Cyberattacks as Weapons of Mass Destruction (source)
Wk 9 – Making Good Cybersecurity Law and Policy.pdf
Making Good Cybersecurity Law and Policy: How Can We Get Tasty Sausage? (source)


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