Cyber Security Research paper DUE MONDAY 9PM CST

Please follow the Research report guide to finish the paper without those guidelines it will be useless
Research Paper Topics
1)      How phishing is evolving and getting more sophisticated
2)     Evolution of Ransomware
3)     The effects of the Cryptocurrency movement affect cybersecurity
4)     How effective is the two-factor authentication?
5)      How can companies respond to hacking in their system?
6)     Cyber-physical attacks: how do they work?
7)      How can public Wi-Fi or the internet be used to steal personal data?
8)     What are the differences if a “white hat hacker vs. a “black hat” hacker?
9)     What forensic tools work the best to detect cyber-attacks?
10)  When a password is changed regularly, can it help predict the detection of cyber-attacks?
11)   What are some proven strategies that are effective in preventing cyber-attacks?
12)  Is computer forensics important in the current digital age of our society?
13)  How efficient are RFID security systems?
14)  What are the pros and cons of using blue tooth while traveling?
Reference: Thesis Rush (2021). 50 Best Cybersecurity Topics For All Levels. Retrieved July 24, 2021, from

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Cyber Security Research paper DUE MONDAY 9PM CST
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