Consider this scenario: A cyber-attack occurred in a healthcare organization, resulting in significant data loss. You have been called as an information security management consultant to recommend an incident response plan for this incident and will need to present it to the executive board of the healthcare organization.
Develop a 10- to 12-slide multimedia-rich presentation of your recommended incident response plan to mitigate or reduce impact to the organization, and do the following:

Define the incident response plan goal       and scope for this cyber-attack.
Analyze the impact and severity of the       cyber-attack by applying a business impact analysis (BIA) to the       organization, including mission performance, regulatory requirements, and       compliance.
Identify the communication       requirements, including criteria for escalation and organization       reporting and regulatory requirements.
Explain the process for responding to       this incident.
Describe the relationship with other       organization processes and methods, such as BCP/DR. You may base this off       your Wk 5 Team assignment.
Recommend prioritization, resource       requirements, and any opportunity created by the event.

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Use appropriate images and charts where applicable.
Include a slide with APA-formatted references. Note: Cite your Team assignment if you use it as a reference.
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