Cultural competency and home health or hospice care

FROM PROFESSOR: 1. Conduct a literature search for information about the topic. The chosen articles must be peer-reviewed and current within 7 YEARS unless they are considered as “classic” articles (rare, widely used, with no additional updates on the issue). The use of recent, peer-reviewed articles is a MUST for you to meet the course objective #7.2. Present key information about the topic as appropriate (e.g., definition, overview/background, significance, impact of the chosen topic). Tie your discussion to either home health, hospice, or palliative nursing (not the acute care nursing).3. Discuss the topic in relationship to home health or hospice nursing roles– Apply your findings to your nursing roles by proposing what you (nurses) can do in order to enhance the individual/family’s quality of life through nursing assessment, interventions (e.g., direct nursing care, health promotion, health education, and disease prevention), and evaluation.4. When you write, focus on one area of community-based nursing fields- home health OR hospice OR palliative care. If you really want to do both(e.g., home health and hospice), you must be able to discuss the differences of nursing roles. For example, if you choose a cultural competency topic and you want to discuss both home health AND hospice nsg roles, you will discuss the differences between home health nurse and hospice nurse roles. Home health nurse may focus on improving the patient/family health by considering their cultural belief related to religion, traditional belief, family tradition, etc. Hospice nurses may focus on helping the patient and family prepare for death, loss, and grief based on their cultural beliefs. Format:Length: 4 pages (excluding the title and reference pages).APA 7th Edition format with at least 2 current peer-reviewed journal articles (within 7 years). Textbooks can be used. However, they are not “peer-reviewed articles”. Expectations: The expectations are laid out in the Grading Rubric (Appendix F) attached. Please review it carefully so that your paper can meet the assignment expectations.From student: Hi, please follow these instructions for this 4 page paper the cultural competency aspect of hospice/home health. You can explain hospice/home health services, how important they are and how well they serve those in need (meeting the person where they are) or helping them thru their final days or months of life, etc… and then talk about cultural competency and how important it is for a nurse to understand culture. For instance, hospice patients have certain cultural wishes before and after death, home health may be different from culture to culture like in medication compliance, patients having trouble following certain western medicine from their cultural difference, any postiive or negative cultural influences and how the nurse should be careful of such nuances. please pick 2 peer reviewed journals within 7 years. GOOD NEWS: I have attached an EXAMPLE PAPER from last semester that my professor provided. You can view this and the rubric for guidance. THANK YOU!!!!

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Cultural competency and home health or hospice care
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