CRM strategy

Assume your team was promoted to lead the Customer Experience Department, which includes
all marketing and customer support functions under your responsibility. Your target audience are
large companies with 1,000 employees or more that may need your product and service
offerings. You were brought in to make changes to strategies in two main areas: the Call Center. 
You will expand the company’s call center services since it just merged with another 
company. Your new job will involve setting up a new system, new processes, training 
new agents and measuring their performance. You will have a team of 25 agents under 
your responsibility. 
• You are tasked with making sure that your agents deliver outstanding service in the way 
customers choose to start a conversation, from anywhere and with any device: email, 
phone, SMS, social media, online communities or real-time web chat
• Your goals are to increase agent productivity by 30%, increase the speed in first contact 
case resolutions by 35%, increase customer retention by 25%, and convert 20% of leads 
(inquiries from inbound calls) into customers. 

Your boss has asked you to submit a written plan (350 words) that explains how you
will utilize technology to achieve the company’s goals in the Call Center.
Using the information you have learned from Modules 8-10 and the CRM software training
completed to date:
• Describe the steps you would take
• The specific features you would use, and how these would be used to help you be more
effective in your efforts.

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