Critical Thinking- Intelligence

Objective: Psychology students, after reading and studying the lesson on Intelligence will demonstrate their ability to summarize information gleaned from a website visit as well as present a well-thought opinion piece on their own views on intelligence and how it is measured.  Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their critical thinking and evaluation skills.
The lesson on intelligence presents the range of intelligence quotient scores in relation to the Normal Distribution and discusses the extremes of intelligence on either side of the curve.  While we hear a lot about ‘gifted and talented’ programs in school, we don’t hear much about it after one graduates from high school or college.  For this assignment, you will visit a website devoted to an organization for people solely with high I.Q. scores. You will then submit your own thoughts on intelligence in general as well as what you’ve learned about this group.

Visit the “Mensa” website ( Explore the various links and read about its mission, who it serves, qualification for membership, etc.
Provide a summary of what you’ve found and your thoughts on the organization.
Next, discuss your own views on intelligence – what were your thoughts on the various theories presented in the textbook/lesson? Be sure to link material you’ve learned in this lesson to demonstrate your ability to appropriately apply information.  What type of intelligence is Mensa assessing? How does this type of intelligence compare to other theories of intelligence reviewed in the course?
Your summary should be comprehensive and more than just a page in length. It should demonstrate thoughtful dialogue and critical thinking.
You must cite all of your sources appropriately in APA format.
Upload your document on the submission page.

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Critical Thinking- Intelligence
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