Critical Film Analysis

Not plagiarism – 3 pages – 3 to 4 references  – APA format – due Friday 11/05/21 1:00 pm Florida time 
Movie: Stand By Me 
The movie represents a stage of human development, and will illustrate behavioral patterns, conflicting pressures of roles and lifestyles, and action sequences common to a particular age category. You should concentrate on the main character(s) in the highlighted life-stage and how they conform or deviate from expected behavior and action described in the course. Remember to include major theories of human development in your analysis.

A complete biopsychosocial analysis of the main character(s) of the selected film, based on the theories of developmental phases.
Behavioral patterns, conflicting pressures of roles and lifestyles, action sequences

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Critical Film Analysis
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How do these compare to normative development?


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