criminal Justice

Case Study in Criminal Justice Reform (Policy or Programming) Paper: 8 pages (25 points).  
Find an example of a state or city (or multiple sites) that has/have attempted some type of specific criminal justice reform. This could be a policing policy or initiative (for example, banning police chokeholds or implementing a civilian review board, implementing body cameras) or a reform in the courts or corrections system. Detail the empirical evidence collected on this reform generally, but specifically around the goal of making the community safer. Warning: this is not an opinion paper; you must present empirical evidence. Indicate whether the evidence is strong or weak (or somewhere in between). Consider the lessons learned from other sites which have implemented this model, and argue for how such a reform may be implemented and/or modified in your community. Do NOT use a reform described in the Berman and Fox text, as well as the High Point Model, or the Camden, NJ model (as these will be covered in class thoroughly).  
You are encouraged to use, or the Campbell Collaboration systematic reviews, or sources from Primo through Levin Library, as well as other sources to identify potentially beneficial/effective programs. Additionally, you may want to check out reforms in various states, including:
Ohio- Targeted Community Alternatives to Prison (T-CAP)
Mississippi- Earned Parole Eligibility Act & Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act
Texas- Re-entry Reform
Wisconsin- Reforms to Expungement Laws
No two students can choose the same topic, and topics must be cleared and approved through me, the Professor.
I repeat: You must use some scholarly sources. The paper should have a minimum of 7 sources. You must have a bibliography and in text citations in APA format. 

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criminal Justice
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