creating 2 Health Educational Materials

Instructions from my professor: You will be creating 2 Health Educational Materials (a poster or brochure) for your community (one for children in middle school and one for elderly). INSTRUCTION: Read the “Health Literacy Guide: Making Client Resources Easy to Use and Understand” document. Pay greater attention on page 14-21- Health literacy guide(2017).pdf Find the brochure/poster templates which you like. There are some free templates on various websites. Google it. You can also use MS template or Powerpoint template which you can choose the layout as you see fit (e.g., 3-column layout). Create a health educational material such as poster or brochure on COVID-19 info (e.g., facts about COVID-19, symptoms, preventive measures, vaccines, vaccination rate (12 years old and above), and what do to after vaccination). Think creatively and send a message to decrease the vaccine resistance. Check readability level of each material. Flesch Kinkaid Grade level cannot exceed 6, and Flesch Reading Ease score should be above 60 (explained on page 17 of the attached document).For MS 365, this link explains how to check the readability- When you insert many textboxes in your file, your computer may be confused and give an inaccurate score. You can use this website to confirm the scores- In general for any brochure- do not use more than a couple font styles and no more than 2-3 font sizes. Elderly- make sure that the font size is at least 14 through out. Adolescents- the font size is at least 12. “Kid friendly” fonts are appropriate. Must use most current COVID-19/COVID VACCINE scientific data from reliable resources. Insert the references at the bottom of the poster or brochures (tiny font is acceptable). This is what my professor instructed. It may seem complicated but I am attaching 2 examples of posters that students did last semester and it’s pretty brief. As long as you please please cover everything she asks for (the info about COVID) and make 1 for middle school kids and 1 for elderly it will be great. All the resources she instructs about using I have attached below. THANK YOU.

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creating 2 Health Educational Materials
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