create a reverse outline of “Understanding Discourse Communities”.

TWO TOPICS- 1Directions: create a reverse outline of “Understanding Discourse Communities”. This can be done by hand or digitally. In this reverse outline, I will work with you by providing you a guide of what to do. Write out the headings for the Introduction and Sections on pg 100-105Include the heading title: for the first section of writing you can name it “introduction”Identifying Main Idea(s): For each Section/Heading, identify the main idea(s) and rewrite them in your own words. Include the page #s in parentheticals for each. Identify Examples: Provide at minimum one example of the main idea or ideas from each section based on personal experience or observation.For pages 106-111What ideas or strategies stand out to you from these pages? How can knowledge and identification of discourse community help you out specifically based on your current academic standing and professional career or goals?Freewrite your response here in at minimum a few sentences. Project #1 Brainstorming Now that you have learned what a discourse community is, let’s apply this concept to the text you are examining. Please include info based on the major characteristics of a Discourse Community to the best of your ability:Name the discourse community you believe your text is intended for or part ofIdentify a few broadly agreed upon goalsIdentify a few experts of this community Identify a few genres (categories of text) that are used by this community to communicate Identify a few terms, ideas, concepts, language uses, etc. that are specific to this community For section 3( project 1) the text I am choosing is the show “The Umbrella Academy” Text for this discussion is “Understanding Discourse Communities”, found in Writing Spaces Volume 3 TOPIC 2 (Project 1)Directions: Follow the steps below. My video explains how to complete this exercise. First, you need to select the specific text you wish to examine for this project. Please name the text you are going to examine first. Next, you will download this graphic organizer and fill it in. Download graphic organizer HEREThird, consider the text’s affordances. Freewrite your ideas using sentences and paragraphs.What are the strengths of this text’s modes & media? What are the weaknesses of this text’s modes & media? After deconstructing its modalities and considering its affordances, what messages do you believe this text is communicating? Freewrite your ideas using sentences and paragraphs.Consider what is the text communicating, and to who? Consider what you have discovered or learned from the text in regards to its content now that you’ve deconstructed its modes, elements, and affordances. Submission: attach the graphic organizer to your post and include the responses to #2 and #3 in the post itself. The topic for project 1, is the show ” The Umbrella Academy”, this is a very philosophical show, I love movies and shows like this. That talks about how we can’t change destiny. Feel free to get creative but keep it simple for me to change if I have to. Let me know if you have any questions or if you need more pages.

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create a reverse outline of “Understanding Discourse Communities”.
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