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As the director of an early education center, you know the many reasons it is important for children to have a play-filled curriculum. However, as you work with your teachers, you realize that they struggle to articulate the reasons play is important. You decide to create a poster which presents the reasons play is important at different stages of development, and you decide to address this for 3-year-olds.

When completing the weekly scenario, you must be sure to include both a focus assignment and a self-reflection. These must be clearly labeled using headings. Without the proper labels, I must assume that this step was not completed, and partial credit will be lost. 

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Create a Poster
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Focus Assignment
Self Reflection

A self-reflection is a thorough explanation of your focus assignment. The self-reflection must be written in paragraph format with a minimum of 10 sentences.

Focus Assignment: 50 points

Create a poster that lists and describes three reasons play is important for a 3-year-old-child
Self-Reflection: 50 points
1. For each item of your poster, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario 


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