Course paper revision and report

Course Paper Revision And Report Instructions
Instructions: This step has two different parts:
1. Revise and improve your course paper according to your GRST instructor’s and the OWC tutor’s feedback. The goal is to significantly improve your draft’s original score in all four areas of the GRST rubric, scoring a 3 or higher in each.
2. Next, answer the Revision Report questions. See the ten questions below and submit your answers to the assignment link on Blackboard.
Assignment Goal: Receive feedback from your GRST instructor and from an OWC tutor, think critically about the feedback, and apply that feedback to improve your paper and writing process. Significantly improve your original score in all four areas of the GRST Course Paper Grading Rubric.
Instructions: Revise and improve your paper. Next, in a separate document, respond to the feedback you received during the course by answering the following questions. Use at least 40 words per question.

Was the feedback      helpful? Why or why not?
What surface level      problems do you have?
What deep level      problems do you have?
Based on the feedback,      what are your major weaknesses as a writer?
Which step of the      writing process will help you overcome this weakness?
Based on the feedback,      what are your major strengths?
What part of your      writing process relates to this strength?
What can you do in the      future to improve your strength?
In which way was this course      most helpful to you?
Will you use the      Online Writing Center’s tutoring service in the future? Why or why not?

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Course paper revision and report
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Be sure to turn in both parts of this assignment via the provided assignment submission link on Blackboard. Upload your revised paper as one attachment and your answers to the questions as a second attachment.
Note: You must show your GRST instructor that you have received a full OWC review of your paper (due Module/Week 6). Then, to pass the class, you must submit a final, improved revision of your paper that earns at least a 3 or higher in each category of the rubric (due Module/Week 7).

Submit this two-part assignment 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.


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