Course name: Information security and risk management

please make sure you read Chapter 13 of our textbook. Please answer the following questions:
1. What is a business continuity plan, and why is it important? Why and how is it implemented? What is the key purposes of the plan?
2. Discuss your understanding of the business continuity plan sections which the textbook discussed, and include in your answer other sections that may be included in the plan that you found during personal research.
3. Discuss how the business continuity plan (when activated and used) can help an organization’s risk management program. Be specific.
4. In a brief discussion, connect the dots between a risk mitigation plan, a risk assessment and the business continuity plan. How do they relate to each other, or how do they work together in meeting risk management goals.
Please make sure you include sources you used for answering these questions.

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Course name: Information security and risk management
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