Contract Law-Australia NSW

Australian Contract Law. New South Wales legislation where relevant (I have provided a list of the relevant cases from the unit case book). AGLC referencing for foot note and bibliography. Note that I have put 20 sources to be sited however this is only a guide, please go with how many are needed.Assignment saved in with files. Screen shots for reference to cases to be referenced. Please reach out with any questions asap.Thanks, YoyoWord limit: 2,000 All Problem question1 demonstrate an understanding of the broad theoretical basis of the law of contract and its social context; 2 understand and evaluate rules relating to the formation of enforceable contracts, identifying and defining terms, performance, discharge and remedies; 3 demonstrate an understanding of the principles of common law, equity and statutory provisions relevant to a contract’s interpretation; and 4 critically analyse and consolidate the relevant law to identify contract law issues and provide persuasive legal arguments and solutions to fact-based problems.

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Contract Law-Australia NSW
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