Contemporary Ethical Issue in Court Decision


Discussion: Based on what you discover in your analysis, evaluate the merits of the professional approach(es) you have examined. Your critique must consider the available evidence regarding impacts on client well-being and on the conduct of practice, barriers to progress, any unintended consequences, and needed changes. If there are major flaws, be sure to note them while suggesting possible avenues for redress. (Draft due Sunday of Week 6)
Conclusion: Briefly review your findings, assessing their significance and relevance for the social work profession.  Be sure to articulate areas where additional research is needed and connect your rhetorical arguments and conclusions to the Social Work Code of Ethics. (Draft due Sunday of Week 6)

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Contemporary Ethical Issue in Court Decision
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Steps for Development
The discussion and conclusion sections of the research paper revisit the core question(s) you developed exploring a contemporary ethical issue or problem in the social work profession. Use the work completed in the previous assignments to guide these sections. The discussion and conclusion need to include the following:

Description of the issue/problem, including

a summary of the issue/problem and its contextual setting [Week 2 mini-assignment]
the research question that guided the paper [Week 2 mini-assignment + revisions]

Recommendations for addressing and/or changing the problematic issue or conditions,  including:

evidence-based rationale for rejecting any alternatives (including doing nothing about the problem)
implications regarding the recommendation
ethical considerations (relative to the Social Work Code of Ethics)
cultural, gender, and generational considerations


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