Consultancy Project

1. Introduction to the company. (Himalayan Java Coffee- Based in Nepal)
2. Industry analysis (client and the competitors, client´s market share and etc)
3. Client´s problem (this section needs thorough discussion about how the company realized this issue and data to support this if any is available. I strongly recommend you follow the fishbone diagram for research issues (an example of a fishbone diagram is provided in the slide of chapter one or two.) 
4. Aims and Objectives (one aim of the project and at least four specific objectives to fulfill the aim). 
5. The review of literature (theme based classification of the literature and a conceptual framework cited from any paper. Framework and themes should be related to each other. The framework and themes can be borrowed from any academic theory, model, or frameworks that are relevant to your research issue). 
6. The references.
Besides: this draft should not exceed 3000 words, excluding the references. 

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Consultancy Project
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