Conflict Resolution

From professor: First, review your own conflict self-assessment (Box 8.2) and corresponding information for your dominant and least used style (Boxes 8.3-8.12).1 .For your initial discussion post, comment on what you have learned from “Boxes 8.3-8.1″2 about what is effective or ineffective about your own style. Include any areas for improvement.2. If you have observed effective conflict-handling styles from co-workers or leaders in your professional life, please feel free to share how they negotiated or intervened in a difficult situation to achieve a satisfactory solution.From student: Hi, please refer to my screenshots of my ebook and write about effective or ineffective conflict resolution styles. You can make it up what works or doesnt and improvement. You can also write about any type of staff-work-employee or manager situation and how a leader like a charge nurse has handled it for part 2. Any example works, please use something from screenshot examples though. Thank you!!!!

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Conflict Resolution
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