Conference proposal; African Americans culture in technology management

African American culture

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Conference proposal; African Americans culture in technology management
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Conference proposal; African Americans culture in technology management

Even though technology has been widely adopted and used in the United States, there are some big numbers of African Americans who still have not been able to adopt and use technology as required. This has driven the need to understand the African American cultures which lead to inefficient use and adoption of technology in order to determine the root cause an to be able to minimize the high percentages of African American adults who are reluctant to use technological devices (Young, 107).

Research has shown that the black adults are the most affected people who have not been able to use technology as expected. There is a big division between the white and blacks in regards to technology management but the division is inconsistent across the demographic groups. Therefore there is need to study the behaviours and cultural perspectives among the blacks in order to help close this big gap. Creating awareness of the importance of technology management would be one of the best strategies to utilize in the process of ensuring optimal technology use among the black Americans. With the help of the current surveys of the technology adoption among African Americans, we will analyze the differences in the demographic groups in the use of technology and then determine the most dominant cultural perspectives that hinder maximal adoption of technology and the means of changing these perspectives (Grande & Sherman, 182)

The proposal presentation will discuss the cultural perspectives of black Americans that are hindering the optimal use and adoption of technology, the most affected demographic group and the means of wiping of these cultural perspectives so as to close up the big gap between the blacks and whites in regards to technology management (Montealegre, 514-531). in addition, the proposal will cover how these cultures have affected the black Americans in job markets. Lastly, the paper will include the solutions to this issue and the future recommendations that will guarantee that there are no gaps created with the new technology innovations which will be made.


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