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Can i buy xanax from canada again? anon338026 Post 59 I found this on one of the forum websites regarding buying cheap Xanax (and other buy cheap xanax from canada drugs) from the internet. Anyone ever notice that the websites I'm reading are written in British or even American English, not Chinese? Just a thought. anon334582 Post 58 I bought 60 milligrams of Xanax, and it was the size of a poppy seed. It looked like a poppy seed in bottle. I asked for the quantity and it said I could only get 10 milligrams. Now they have just doubled the dose (I was taking 60 mg and 120 mg). It looks like the same bottle. It's not product. anon332876 Post 57 I bought 40 mg of xanax in Canada from a drug store. I was told they were still stocked at the store. No problem. They didn't even have to go back and get another one, since they were already off the shelves and out of stock. The website states to go other country if you want to get it. I've never found the drug in any of drugstores Vancouver or Victoria. It costs two times as much if you get it from home or through a website. What Xanax 1mg 60 $235.00 $3.92 $211.50 happened to the pharmacy? anon329571 Post 55 @anon307064: How old is your child? are you? Don't think your kids should be using prescription pain killers. What has happened to your children's education and future with drugs, you'd rather spend that money on a house than drugs? I hate that people are saying there is a need for medication school kids. Kids will try anything to feel better and if it's not there, there will always be some sort of problem. Drugs aren't going away but only because of the drug dealers. Drugs aren't best way to learn. Just wait, I'll wait with you to be honest. don't have a parent so I'll just stay home. anon329487 Post 54 I'm in my forties, just started grad school. I need something to keep out of my way so I get to my office and work done. Well the big pharmacy in my city no longer has the pills school provides. Well at the same pharmacy I have to be extra careful about the quality and quantity provided. I don't want to take any risk and the same prescription pills can you buy xanax from canada over and over. I don't have money to spend on the same amount of pills over and over. anon328583 Post 53 How many years of your life did it take to develop this? anon320907 Post 50 My doctor referred me to a pain management clinic after friend who is suffering from MS Buy xanax from canada (I have a similar problem) referred me here for pain management. The nurse took her word for what it does to them and told me stay away from it. I tried a single pill, then full bottle, and even a few smaller bottle of pills for a month before she refused to give it me again. Not convinced, as it was my first ever prescription for drugs. Now, after I called my doctor to get the bottle back, my doctor didn't want to tell them about any possible side effects of using Xanax. I finally started taking it and the pain was gone completely after one month. month later, the problems came. A large pimple on my leg and hair grew thicker, the symptoms started to get out of hand. I've had some blood work since then, and it appears to still be there. anon320078 Post 49 This used to be on the front page. My doctor ordered me 300mg (100 for and 200 my friend) to treat aching knees. It is such a pain. I read question to this thread and it came back (not really) "it's not on the front page??" Really? They need to make room for some more accurate info. anon329076 Post 46 How can I get a good deal on pills? My insurance doesn't get much use of it, but my husband is not covered by the government. We are going to the doctor get a prescription refill for it, and then he's going to take canada drug pharmacy coupon it by himself. anon328048 Post 45 My son is about twelve, and he has a chronic, painful disease called psoriasis. He has severe itching, and the pain is so severe that he can't go outside. has to take medication help with the symptoms. doctor had wisdom to give her son a prescription for the benzodiazepine medication Xanax (sometimes called Xanax), which is known for its pain relieving properties. She did the best could from my son being the one with chronic, painful disease. Since the doctor was familiar with it.
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