Computer Networking

Topic: Write a scholarly research report on a narrowed focus related to Computer Networking based on one of the following main topics:
Step 1: Select one of these topics:
1) Computer Networking and Machine Learning
2) Computer Networking and 3D Printing
3) Computer Networking and Medical Technology
4) Computer Networking and Serverless Computing
5) Computer Networking and Disaster Recovery Methodologies
6) Computer Networking and Video Gaming Algorithms
7) Computer Networking and Search Engine Optimization
Step 2: Review the CU Research Guide and APA documentation (Research Report Help)

       a.    Follow the guidelines of the CU Research guide for the structure of the paper
       b.    Following the specifications of APA for format
Note: You will write a paper of at least 8-10 pages in length. The Title page, Abstract, Table of Contents, and Reference pages should not be counted in the number of pages required.
The paper must follow APA guidelines.  

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Computer Networking
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