Please read case studies II-3 and II-4.

Answer these questions about the case studies:
1. Describe the benefits of data warehousing and business intelligence at Norfolk Southern.

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2. What did the company do right that has led to the successful deployment of data
warehousing and business intelligence within Norfolk Southern?

3. What has promoted the spread or growth of data warehousing and business intelligence
within and across Norfolk Southern over time?

1. Why didn’t the California Franchise Tax Board do this type of data mining in 1980 or

2. How well did managers at the Filing Compliance Bureau address technical challenges?

3. How well did managers at the Bureau address various political and social challenges?

Instructions: Double spaced- 9-10 pages.
Please answer the following questions with complete sentences, well-thought-out paragraphs, and supported by information from the pertinent chapters. Use the case studies themselves for material and any pertinent sections of the textbook to support your answers; online sources are acceptable. Anytime you use sources outside of the textbook, they must be cited appropriately. Textbook sources may be briefly cited with a simple page number (e.g. “ref. p.34”).
Requirements: 9-10


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