Complete Final Paper

Do your research on statistical research methods and choose one article that used a statistical quantitative research method. Review the article and write a report following the steps below:  
Scholarly articles can be found in the UC Online Library, in databases such as JSTOR or ProQuest. At least the article must be peer-reviewed, full-text article that used quantitative research methods from scholarly journals.
1. This is Part IV of 4 – the Final Paper: This Final Project Paper must be been pre-approved in earlier weeks by your instructor, using knowledge gained in the course.
2. The Paper Topic must be the one approved earlier
3. It must follow the Paper Outline submitted earlier
4. It must utilize the Paper Bibliography submitted earlier
· your references must be formatted according to APA Guidelines
· you must use all 10 sources you supplied as Annotated Bibliography sources
· these sources should be from industry articles, journals, academic and professional textbooks, and case studies
· you may not use Wikipedia or Webopedia as a reference
5. The Project Paper
· must be around 10 to 12 pages – with full APA formatting 
· will follow a conventional report format (introduction, abstract (optional), body, conclusion, and references)
· rubric in the syllabus will be used for the paper
· Turnitin % must be below 15%
· Rubric in syllabus will be used to grade your paper – please review

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