Complementary and Alternative Therapy

Write a paper on a specific complementary or alternative therapy used in pain management directed towards other healthcare providers. In other words, this paper is for healthcare providers to help guide patient care considerations in pain management. Please pick a population of your choice (e.g. age group, diagnosis, culture) to help focus your review on a therapy. Complementary approaches can be defined are approaches used with other approaches such as medications; whereas, alternative approaches are used instead of standard medical therapy, such as medications. You don’t have to worry about covering the same therapy as someone else, pick whatever therapy you’d like to cover! Using relevant literature, you should address four sections outlined below. Mechanisms of action How does it work to relieve pain?What types of pain/targeted body system is it effective for (i.e. musculoskeletal, neuropathic, vascular, etc)?How/when would it be used in clinical practice? (e.g. used before, during, or post-procedure, after therapy, long-term self-management, etc)Include a minimum of one academic reference (review paper or primary studies)Evidence on effectiveness Discuss the evidence that supports and/or refutes the effectiveness.How effective and helpful is this in relieving pain?Include a minimum of three academic references (current systematic review preferred, although guidelines or primary studies are acceptable)Implications for safety What should nurses or other healthcare professionals be considerate of?What safety precautions should they use?What are some contraindications?Include a minimum of one academic reference (review paper or primary studies)Relevant regulations and policies (5pts)Discuss state, national, AND institutional policies and/or regulations limiting or facilitating its use (e.g. medical marijuana legislation in CA, CO)Formatting & References:Use at least 10 total references within the last 5 years with at least 5 academic references (e.g. guidelines, position statement, review paper, primary study). It is important that you use evidence to support your statements.Use the sections listed above as headings for your paper to distinguish the 4 sectionsUse APA 7th ed. Double-spaced papers should be 4-5 pages with proper grammar/spelling

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Complementary and Alternative Therapy
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