community health

 health promotion resources available in your community (city, town or county) to address your selected cause of death and recommendations for future programs. The focus of the programs should be on prevention and health promotion, not treatment

Describe the programs that promote health promotion on the selected topic in your community.

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community health
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Include the level of community participation in the programs (number of participants, number of included schools etc.)

Identify the target population (age, sex, location etc.)

Explain the specific health-promotion activities offered, and the level of prevention that is addressed by the activities
Include any impact data or improved health outcomes that you can find on the programs

Discuss your assessment of available resources in your community: Is the amount of health promotion programs adequate to meet the needs? Are the activities offered effective?
Recommend a health-promotion idea or ideas that could be developed into a health-promotion program or programs in your community.

Identify the targeted populations with rationale to support the choice.



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