Community College Leader Interview and Presentation

In this question, continue your effort to positively impact the ability of community colleges to fulfill their promise to students, communities, and the nation by addressing the topics you identified concerning leaders and their responses to issues, trends, challenges, and best practices.
By now, you have interviewed a community college administrator or leader about current issues and trends as well as future challenges and best practices in community colleges. Now, create a 10–12 slide PowerPoint presentation, as outlined in the instructions, to capture your research and interview responses.
PowerPoint Instructions
Use the required readings, resources, and your research to support your PowerPoint’s categories, topics, and definitions and include the following:

Explain leadership theories and perspectives among community college leaders.

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Community College Leader Interview and Presentation
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Include how issues, trends, challenges, and best practices are integrated into the planning and leading of today and tomorrow’s community college.
Describe how global, social, technological, political, economic, and educational trends may impact community colleges.
Share some issues or trends identified by the leader you interviewed.

Analyze current leading higher education publications to demonstrate an understanding of the current issues and trends in community colleges that leaders manage.

Highlight issues shared by your interviewee.

Identify key leaders who influence community colleges at the local, state, and national levels.

Share thoughts from your interviewee concerning a leadership perspective.

Explain how community college leaders might respond to current and future trends affecting their institutions.

Include the effect on program implementation.
Share the perspective of your interviewee.

Using your headset, create an audio recording to accompany your presentation. Do not read directly from the slides your wrote, but offer explanations and insight to the information you presented.
Develop an annotated bibliography of community college periodicals and online resources that emphasize issues and trends in community colleges.

Submission Requirements

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Annotated bibliography: Include a minimum of eight scholarly references from appropriate periodicals, newspapers, textbooks, journals, and online sources. Leading community college periodicals and journals are to be used as references.
Length of presentation: 11–12 slides with narration.
Font and font size: Professional and readable font and size. Review the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations for best practices.
APA formatting: The presentation, including citations and references, are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

Presentation Format

Title slide.
Introduction and purpose.
Perspective and processes.
Theories and behavioral relationship.
Influential leaders.
Scholarly articles.
Community college leader interview.
Discussion and analysis.
References formatted as an annotated bibliography.


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