Communication Management Plan

  Communication Plan ,
All question should be answered and follow the figures attached

What      will I need to communicate (project progress, other)?
To      whom will I need to communicate (stakeholders, contacts)?
When      will I need to communicate (timing, frequency)?
Where      will I communicate (location of the sender, receivers)?
How      will I communicate (media)?
Why      am I communicating (analyze all reports both planned and ad hoc to ensure      rationale for communication effort is sound)?
How      do my planned communications close any gaps between project objectives and      stakeholder expectations? How would such gaps be evaluated and fed back into      the project communications cycle?

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Communication Management Plan
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Finally, in addition to writing out your strategies and responses to the questions, summarize the who, what, when, where, how, and why into a quick reference table. For example, consider the building the library scenario in the earlier unit. The “who” would be the stakeholders such as members of the community, future patrons of the library to name just a couple. The “what”  would include information regarding the progress of the construction, key milestones, and perhaps some announcements regarding the planned scope of the completed library (such as types of media available for checkout, services to be offered, etc.). Such a table is often used as a succinct at-a-glance form of the communications plan.


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