Questions to answer in the final reflection paper in a minimum of 2 pages, 1 inch margins, and double-spaced pages. Please be sure to write in paragraph, narrative form, using proper headings: “Course Takeaways”, “New Perspectives”, “Use of Media Apps/Tools“, and “Goals and Media”. You will be graded on clarity and written details, so be more specific rather than brief.
1) How was this course for you? What did you enjoy?
2) What new perspectives about media did you gain from this course?
3) What media apps/tools do you use the most and/or what new ones do you plan on using as introduced in this course? If you don’t use media apps/tools, explain why.
4) As of now, what are your goals in life and how will your use of media play a role in that? If media does not play a role in it, explain why.

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