COM 539 Final Exam Guide Latest/COM 539 Final Exam Guide Latest

1. Relative to Americans, Canadians are more likely to be:
Happy and casual
Educated and informal
Bilingual and formal
Sociable and casual
2. Which of the following is an acceptable method of negotiating the price objection?
Apologize for the product’s high price
Clarify the link between price and quality
Make price the focal point of your presentation
Focus on an individual product feature
3. John Bieland, the equipment buyer for Great Lakes Manufacturing, purchased two large riveting machines from Hoseke Corporation’s sales representative, Lindell Ross. Because of a clerical error, the machines shipped a day later than scheduled, which put the delivery truck in the middle of a blizzard that shut down roads for several days. By the time the machines were delivered by Hoseke Corporation, they were a full week late. John Bieland sends an email to Lindell, cc’ing the CEOs of Great Lakes Manufacturing and Hoseke Corporation, expressing his dissatisfaction. What should Lindell offer to John to rectify the situation?
Lindell should discount any further purchases by half.
Lindell should refund John’s money.
Lindell should send John 2 new machines

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COM 539 Final Exam Guide Latest/COM 539 Final Exam Guide Latest
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