College Algebra

Throughout this course, you have covered 11 sections of the textbook and completed more than 200 math problems! For this discussion board assignment, (i) select one skill or concept you have learned in Units I-VII, (ii) explain it to the class in your own words, and (iii) provide a specific example with details. Please (iv) make sure your explanation of the concept is thorough and that (v) your example is complete and has a worked-out solution. You should select a different topic than what has already been mentioned by your classmates.
Next, read your classmates’ posts to refresh your memory about all the skills you were introduced to and comment on at least one other student’s response.

I believe the concept I stuggled with most was functions, therfore I spent a great deal of study time to catch on. I discovered, simply put, a function is a relationship between two more elements/numbers on an X and Y axis. If there are multiply vales for X that are the same number then it isn’t a function. The same does not aplly for Y values. Therein was my greatest difficultly trying to understand the concept.
Example: X: (1,3) (1,4) (2,3) (2,4)
D – {1,2}
R – {3,4}
Plug in any value for X to see if it is a function. More than one Y value then it isn’t a function, so the example aboue isn’t a function.

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