cold war

Directions:  Students will complete the assigned reading and then answer the essay prompt below.  Students must respond to two (2) of their classmates posts to receive full credit.  Responses should appear no sooner than 12 hours after the initial post.  Posts and responses are due by 11:59 p.m. on the due date.  
Posts are worth up to 80%.  Responses are worth up to 20%.  No credit will be given to those who submit responses sooner than the 12 hour wait period.
First: Read: Chapter 24: “The Opening of the Cold War”; section: ‘Combatting Communism at Home, 1945 – 1954’
Next, answer the following prompt in complete sentences:

Summarize the assigned section of the textbook. What is this section about?
What does it tell you about U.S. history during this period?
What is your biggest takeaway from this section?

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cold war
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Finally, respond meaningfully to two (2) of your classmates.  Did you like it?  Explain why.  Did you find it to be problematic?  Explain how.


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