CMI Case Study Questions

 Question number 1: Set out a table showing the benefits of well trained and qualified managers to: 
(3 Marks).   
i. The UK economy    ii. Businesses     iii. Individual employees. 
Question number 2: What is the relationship between management and leadership? Why do effective 
managers also need to have leadership skills? (3 Marks).   
Question number 3: What type of management style would you use: (4 Marks).   
a) With a team of employees who are keen to introduce changes in working practice and who enjoy 
working together? 
b) When carrying out work that needs to be carried out very quickly and involves a number of 
potentially dangerous hazards? Justify your choices in each case. 
Course Title: Human Resource Management Course Code: MGT 350 Credit Hours: 03 
Course Instructor: 
Mr. M Waheed Akhtar Programme Name: 
BBA  Semester: 05 Batch:  Section:  Date:  Time Allowed: 90 minutes  Maximum Marks: 15 Student’s Name:  Reg. No. CUI/                                                 /SWL Important Instructions / Guidelines: Read the question paper carefully and answer the questions according to their statements. 
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Question number 4: How effective do you think the status of Chartered Manager is in improving 
management training? Why is it important to have an organisation like the CMI supporting managers

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