cloud computing

This week’s journal articles focus on the digital retail sector and how it is constantly growing each year. The case study/article reviews the top four digital retail company’s financial performance. After reviewing the reading, please answer the following questions:
URBONAVIČIŪTĖ, K., & MAKNICKIENĖ, N. (2019). Investigation of Digital Retail Companies Financial Performance Using Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis. Science: Future of Lithuania, 11, 1–9.

Present an overview of the top four digital retail companies.

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cloud computing
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Note who they are and how they became the top four digital retail companies.

Please review at least two other digital retail companies that are new in the market, note what you think they would have to do to obtain market share based on what you’ve learned this week.

In response specifically, list at least three key factors that would influence the success of the digital retail company, please be specific.
Note a specific market that would thrive given the current market conditions and why.
Discuss how innovative technology will influence the success of this new business.

-5 peer-reviewed articles for references
-5 pages in length excluding coverage and references, NO PLAGARISM.


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