Cloud Computing

In 300 – 450 words, and using the Jamsa (2013) textbook as your ONLY source:

List FOUR (4) questions to ask about Collaborative Tools as stated by Jamsa. Then, in YOUR  OWN words, and in response to the four questions, and from a business owner’s perspective, explain possible issues that could arise in the business if the questions are NOT answered.    

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Cloud Computing
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Chapter 7 Collaboration in the Cloud Collaborating in the Clouds 

Questions to Ask About Collaborative Tools 

Web-Based Collaboration Began with Web Mail

Instant Messaging Isn’t What It Used to Be 

Cloud-Based Phone and Fax Systems 

Revisiting File Sharing 

   Editing Shared Files Within the Cloud 

Collaborating via Web Logs (Blogs) 

Collaborative Meetings in the Cloud 

Virtual Presentations and Lectures
Using Social Media for Collaboration
Using Cloud-Based Calendar Management Using Streaming Video Content to Collaborate 

             Please note to refer Chapter-7, and answer the 4 questions. Textbook as attached.


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