Clarion MKTG360 final exam Latest (75 questions)/Clarion MKTG360 final exam Latest (75 questions)

Question 1 
Which of the following is a primary disadvantage of viral marketing?
Question 1 options:
1) The costs of viral marketing are too high for most companies.
2) The brand associated with the viral message is usually forgotten.
3) Marketers have little control over who receives the viral message.
4) Viral messages are less likely to be viewed than other types of online promotions.
5) Viral messages are blocked by most search engines.
Question 2 
In CRM, findings about customers discovered through ________ techniques often lead to marketing opportunities.
Question 2 options:
1) value marketing
2) data mining
3) test marketing
4) neuromarketing
5) serial processing
Question 3 
It is most accurate to say that successful niche marketing relies on a firm’s ___ and its ____.
Question 3 options:
1) marketing strategy; services
2) individual relationships with customers; positioning
3) superior products; value network partners
4) greater knowledge of customers’ needs; special reputation
5) competitive advantage in comparison to mass-market companies; affordable pricing
Question 4 
Which of the following is true of the U.S. age demographics?
Question 4 options:
1) The Millennial generation accounts for nearly half of all the discretionary consumer spending in the U.S
2) The Generation Xers are the most educated section of the population
3) The baby boomers are the poorest segment of the population
4) The Generation Xers form the largest segment of the population
5) The Millennials are the most financially secure segment of the population

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Clarion MKTG360 final exam Latest (75 questions)/Clarion MKTG360 final exam Latest (75 questions)
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