CJ415 Final Exam (50 questions)/CJ415 Final Exam (50 questions)

Question 1
The ________ hypothesis regarding crime argues that as a country undergoes economic development, its crime rate increases
slippery slope
transnational crime
Question 2
Generally, the police forces of any given country are much more likely to be dealing with ___________ crime and much less likely, if ever, to be dealing with _________ crime.
transnational, international
international, transnational
national, global
organized, international
Question 3
Offenses, whose inception, prevention, and/or direct or indirect effects involved more than one country is an example of:
Question 4
The process used by criminals to convert funds acquired illegally into what appears to be legitimate income that can the used for legal purposes such as investment and purchase, is an example of:
bank fraud
drug trafficking
money laundering

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CJ415 Final Exam (50 questions)/CJ415 Final Exam (50 questions)
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