CJ 3100 MOD 3 DB

Case of Michael Crowe


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CJ 3100 MOD 3 DB
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Read through the case and watch the video excerpts. Respond to the following:

  • What went wrong? 
  • Based on the attached police policy and what you read, should the police have more restrictions on juvenile interrogations?
  • What could be done to avoid what happened with Michael Crowe? 


All juveniles taken into custody shall be advised of the nature of the crime in which they are suspected. Prior to any in-custody interview, all juveniles shall be advised of their Miranda Rights in Juvenile Miranda format and in accordance with the Scales decision. The child’s physical condition, age, intelligence, educational level, prior experience with the juvenile justice system, and ability to comprehend the meaning and effect of statements should be carefully evaluated in each case.

The officer/investigator shall document the interview in a corresponding CAPRS statement.

Officers and investigators may allow a parent/legal guardian to be present during an interview of their child, if the presence of the parent/legal guardian is not deemed to be coercive or inhibiting.

If the juvenile refuses to be interviewed, investigators may re-approach at another time. If the juvenile requests an attorney, all questioning and contact must cease. A juvenile who has consulted with or retained an attorney (i.e. public defender at JDC), cannot be contacted without approval of that attorney.


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