Choose one of the two topics listed

I attached the instructions for the paper, you could choose which ever topic you like. It has to be 6 pages not including the references page or title page. Make sure you use the articles the teacher mentions in the instructions. Everything is mention in the instructions. Make you you put in text citations through the paper.
Incorporate the elements of research you have learned throughout this semester to write a research paper 6 to 8 pages in length in APA format, using the following guidelines.
A. Choose one of the two topics listed:
i. Lateral Violence/Workplace Incivility
ii. Bullying in Nursing Education
B. Conduct a review of the literature and cite the research appropriately to cover the following areas:
a. What are the key issues defining this topic?
a. List the clinical question using the PICO approach.
b. Address the following by citing at least 2 research studies from your review of literature. Include elements such as study type, study design, sample size, data collection methods and study results.
a. How does the issue impact the nursing profession?
b. How does this topic impact patient care?
c. How are you impacted by this issue, as a nurse?
i. The use of first person (I, me) is appropriate in this section)?
d. Did the review of literature identify any solutions to the issue?
i. What were the outcomes?
ii. What solution(s) do you propose?
C. Literature Review:
➢ You may use some or all of the articles below for the selected topic.
➢ There needs to be a minimum of 6 scholarly resources used for the
o The resources need to be current articles from professional
journals (

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Choose one of the two topics listed
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