chap 15

View the following videos: How Effective are Police Body Cameras?  Body Cams Make Police Accountable, and Body Cameras: Information Every Officer Should Know; then read The Baltimore Sun article “More police now sporting cameras on their bodies”:
CBS News. (2018, June 15). How effective are police body cameras? [Video]. YouTube.
Parenthetical citation: (CBS News, 2018)
NBC News. (2017, August 27). Body cams make police accountable. YouTube.
Parenthetical citation: (NBC News, 2017)
AZ Lawyer. (2019, February 24). What you don’t know about body cameras: Police uses, benefits, concerns, limits [Video]. YouTube.
Parenthetical citation: (AZ Lawyer, 2019)
READ: Police Sporting Cameras
Anderson, J. (2014, January 4). More police now sporting cameras on their bodies. The Baltimore Sun. Retrieved from
(Anderson, 2014)
More police sporting cameras.pdf
Using key terms and concepts from the textbook reading, answer the following questions in a balanced way. 
(Please do not hyperbolize or generalize.) (Reference should be made to all materials provided in this assignment.):
There’s a growing demand that police officers wear miniature video cameras during their tour of duty. Police administrators will soon be able to sit in the police station and monitor what their officers are doing in the field. The media, lawyers, and civil rights groups will make public requests to obtain video footage of incidents.

What effect do you think this will have on police work (pros and cons)?
As a police officer, would you welcome this new technology? Explain.
As a citizen, would you welcome it? Explain.

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chap 15
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500 words NO more than 750  4/5 paragraph 
Research your topic and use information from what you learned; cite your sources.
Title of book: Police & Society Year Published: 2020
Edition:  8th
Author: Novak, Cordner, Smith, &  Roberg
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN:  9780190940805


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