cdc grand rounds


Think about areas/topics/populations within Public Health that are of special interest to you (e.g., women’s health, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, low-income Latinas, epidemiology, etc.).  If you are a Public Health major, these topics should be related to your career path of interest once you graduate with a degree in Public Health from Cal State LA.  If you are not a Public Health major, these areas/topics/populations should be of special interest to you and/or relevant to your desired area of study.
Once you have brainstormed ideas, select one area/topic/population within Public Health that you would like to further explore.
Next, go to the “CDC Public Health Grand Rounds” website located at (Links to an external site.)
Click on the “See All Topics” icon in the middle right-hand side of the page.
Review the available topics and select one grand rounds video that is related to your selected Public Health area/topic/population of interest.  You may use the search function to locate related videos as well.  If you cannot find a video that matches your selected area/topic/population, you may need to switch to a new area/topic/population of interest that has a corresponding video.
Once selected, view the video in-full.  All videos are approximately 1 hour in length.
Once you have viewed your selected video, complete the LA 4: CDC Grand Rounds Assignment template.

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