Case Study- Progressive Disciplinary Approach

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Progressive Disciplinary Approach  Case 6-12 in McCuen –  Case Studies in Health Information Management
Progressive Disciplinary Approach
HIM managers may experience a variety of disciplinary situations. How would you handle the following situations if you were an effective HIM manager who practices progressive discipline measures?
Disciplinary Situation 1
Jean is 30 minutes to one hour late 2–3 days a week. You have talked to her about it repeatedly and even given her a written warning. It is now two weeks since the written warning and there has not been an improvement. 

How would you discuss this situation with Jean?
Determine what steps you would need to take?

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Case Study- Progressive Disciplinary Approach
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Disciplinary Situation 2
Carla’s supervisor has notified you that Carla’s work has recently deteriorated. The supervisor has discussed this with her and have given her a verbal warning. There has not been any improvement. 

Recommend the next step that her supervisor should take.

Disciplinary Situation 3
You have been at a meeting and return to the department. As you walk in, you hear the ROI coordinator, Susan, talking on the phone to a requester. Susan becomes very upset with the person on the phone and tells him off. This is the first time that Susan has done this that you are aware of. 
1.Discuss what happened with Susan.

Assess the situation and state how would you handle the situation?

Disciplinary Situation 4
Cindy and Barbara work in the analysis area. They got into an argument today that disrupted the workplace. They were both written up for this same behavior a month ago. You told them they would be suspended for three days if another incident happened. 

Discuss this situation with them. What would you bring out in your meeting with them? Justify the next step that you would need to take.


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