Case Study On Daniel

Please review the attached Case Study on Daniel and then do the following using the DSM-5:1) What other questions, if any, would you ask Daniel in the initial interview? (List a few.) 2) Would you utilize any formal assessment tools? If yes, what?3) Give a provisional DSM 5 diagnosis, label and code. Then you may include “rule outs” (R/O’s) for other diagnoses, if applicable. Give a rationale. (No longer than 1 paragraph.)4) Develop a treatment plan with goals and objectives. (3-4 only)5) What type of treatment would you offer Daniel? Be specific e.g. narrative therapy and exercise. What is your rationale for this treatment? (No longer than 1 paragraph.)Please have an English Speaking professional in the mental health field either Psychologist, Therapist, Counselor, or Social Worker write this case study using the DSM-5 as a reference.

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Case Study On Daniel
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