Case Study COVID-19


Look for examples of how technology is assisting business’ during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Think about the following questions as you research this topic?

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Case Study COVID-19
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What are some examples of how employees are performing their job now vs pre-COVID-19?
What are some technologies in use to make work from home (WFH) more effective?
How could the COVID-19 affect companies WFH policies or planning in the future?
How has this impacted your learning/studying at the university?
What are some skills that you see as more important since the COVID-19 outbreak?

Assignment Instructions:

Go to your group conversation and discuss the case with your fellow group members there.
You will be graded, not on volume of written words, but how well you digest the information and apply it to your lives and careers.  Critical and original thinking gets the best scores. 
Commenting on, and continuing the conversation related to, other student’s posts *in a friendly and respectful way* is encouraged (no Trolls!).


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