Case Study 3

For this organizational case study you’ll need to visit the page below that tells the story of motivation, purpose, and job satisfaction at KPMG – a global audit, tax, and advisory firm. 
Organizational Case Study #2: KPMG – motivation and meaning (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Link: )
After reading through the case study carefully (a few times) you are to respond to the following questions; keeping in mind it is most important to display an ability to apply course concepts and material to the problem.
Prompt Questions:

KPMG had a very specific strategy for this initiative that involved the active participation of leadership (managers).  Using course materials, (1) explain the role of management in the Higher Purpose Initiative, (2) what worked, and (3) why it worked.

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Case Study 3
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Using concepts from course materials, explain why KPMG employees believing in the purpose of their work increases performance/productivity.  Is this method of increasing productivity sustainable for the organization?  Why or why not?

Submission Instructions:

Quality is more important than quantity!  Keep it under 750 words.  There is no minimum but if you fail to answer the questions well or fully points will be deducted.  You are making a case for your position using concepts and materials from class – this is not you opining about an idea you have.  Your assertions should be backed up by credible material.
CITE EVERYTHING! Paraphrasing, referencing, alluding to, anything that is someone else’s idea or work requires citation.  In the text and at the end in a reference list.


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