Case Study 3

 Students will be tasked with the reading & discussion of selected case studies. The work required by each assignment will vary in content.  Some assignments will task students to assess a given case, evaluate illustrated methods, or research contemporary practices. Students are to prepare a case summary using APA format, 12 pt Times Roman, 1″ margins, double-spaced in their narrative. Students are to include resource citations and a bibliography.  To assist students in outlining their narrative, the following questions should be addressed:For Case Study #3 integrate Case Study Discussion Question into your narative. In addition, include your answers to questions noted below.Questions

Identify and discuss the management problem(s) with the assigned case study. In addition to your narrative, use a root-cause analysis (“fish-bone” diagram”) to identify factors contributing to the problem.
Use your and the root-cause analysis to discuss solutions for resolving the management problem. List the corrective action(s); person(s); and timeline for resolving the management problem.
Identify and discuss your recommendations for an improvement plan (changes in policy, practice, or procedure) for a long-term solution. List the corrective action(s); person(s); and timeline for resolving the performance problem.

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Case Study 3
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