Carolinas Healthcare Systems: Consumer Analytics

I am only responsible for Part D only- I highlighted in RED.Case Study Analysis: Managerial Economics and Strategic Planning for the FirmDue on Monday, November 15 Paper organization:  Length:   The required length is 1-2 pages single-spaced, approximately 750-1000 words – 11’/12’ font Times New Roman.  Please use appropriate research paper structure that includes subtitles sections within your part of the research paper.  Each of the four parts should have sub-topics within them to present the research thoroughly. Figures, Tables and Charts:You may wish to include figures, tables, or charts, and please indicate the reference source including page number, if available, under each figure.  Please use no more than 2 figures within your part and maintain the emphasis on the quality of your writing.  References:There are to be at least 3 references total, including from the following sources.  Research the specific data and background as pertain to your firm. Students may reference the same sources:  1 Harvard Business Review article – access from  At least 1 reference to the case article At least 1 reference from the class textbook (include specific page(s) in reference format)Note on References:You may use any professional referencing style if it is applied consistently throughout the paper.    References in the text are to have numbered footnotes.  Every reference in Footnotes (at the bottom of the page) needs to be added to the References List at the end of the paper.   Content Requirements: Case Study report outline template: Every part has Introduction, Main Points (as noted below) and Conclusions.  Please write about the “moral imperative” and “sustainable economics” in your paper (every student for every part). Part A – Background and Firm/Industry Overview Introduction of specific business and industry sector for analysis  Internal analysis: Provide a SWOT assessment External analysis: Explain the conditions within the countries of business operations and the impact of national business policy regulations.Present the overview of case study analysis that follows in parts B, C, and D. Part B – Challenge in Managerial Economics  Challenge in managerial economics, based on learning from class.What does this case have to do with pricing, budgets, and production decisions?What aspects of this case relate to optimal pricing and related profitability decisions? Part C – Management decision alternatives in this caseDefine the scope of your recommendations.Explain the alternative/option that you are considering – option A or option B – as relates to decisions in managerial economics. Part D – Recommended decision, course of action, and key take-awaysHow/when does/will the firm implement the alternative/option that you recommend?Key issues, alternatives, and recommendations for the firm regarding Managerial Economics. Remember to Footnote all references, direct quotes, and quantitative details using a Reference Citation Guide for American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), or Chicago Style.   Please notes these guidelines:Grading:The paper will be graded by how well you incorporate issues that you have read about and studied during the semester.  Please include specific terms and topics that you have read in the class books and in related readings.  As always, it is essential to reference citations appropriately.  Grammar and organization guidelines:Reference thoroughly, particularly for quantitative data  Reference with “Source:” complete details, as for footnote, underneath figures, tables, and chartsOrganization name spell out completely initially, and then use the acronym laterInclude page numbers on each page Spell out all words (do not use contractions)When in doubt, reference The research papers will be graded according to the following criteria: Following instructions; thoroughly addressing your part of the paperOrganization of paper that follows outline in instructionsWell written grammar with thoughtful analysis Writing with correct grammatical style and referencing style according to guidelinesClarity of thesis statement within introduction and supporting argumentsStrength in writing ability to lead paragraphs with topic sentences and to continue ideas throughout the narrativeAppropriate use of academic and current affairs references, as complementary to relevant textbook referencesCiting with footnoting or parenthetical references appropriately in the textYou will be graded on the following:Following instructionsResearch contentWriting quality and organizationThorough use of class materialsGrammar and sentence structure Referencing consistency and formatting 

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Carolinas Healthcare Systems: Consumer Analytics
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