Carbon capture and Storage

In this assignment, you are asked to write a short report ( 2000 words )  on the current plans for the UK centres (clusters) which are being set up to reduce emissions. These centres include north-east Scotland (Acorn), north-east England (Net Zero Teesside, Zero Carbon Humber and Northern Endurance Partnership) and north-west England (HyNet). There is plenty of information on these sites on the internet. If you find any other relevant information, you may include this in your report. The type of information to include is listed below. 
The report should start with an introduction describing the following:
· UK and global emissions
· The locations and sources of the largest emitters?
· The emissions gap.
This should be followed by an outline of the processes involved in CCS, and in hydrogen storage.
· Location of site – onshore/offshore
· Companies involved
· The processes which will be carried out
· Any statistics you can find on the planned processes. This could include the following:
o Amount of CO2 stored
o Amount of energy used or produced
o Amount of hydrogen produced or stored
· Dates
· Funding

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Carbon capture and Storage
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