Capstone Project Paper

 ITM4498 Capstone Project paper
Make sure that you meet or exceed the expectations of each line item. Note that just meeting the expectations will not give you an A. You are expected to produce high quality material; the type of material that an employer or a client would expect from you.
In order to help you finalize your project below is an outline of what your final report may include:

Cover page
Introduction (state purpose of the report and how it is organized)
Business Profile
Statement of the Problem
Definition of system requirements
Systems Analysis (Process diagrams, user case diagrams, data flow diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams)
Design (Entity Relationship Diagrams, Database design, network design, web site design)
Conclusions (include ethical implications or considerations)
Works Cited.

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Capstone Project Paper
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Note that all diagramas count toward the 20-25 page requirement. This is not a strict requirement. Quality is worth much more than quantity. Remember the report must follow the style recommendations of the APA. I encourage you to seek help from the Academic Student Center to ensure the report is well written.
On the other hand, all diagrams must include a brief description of their meaning and implications. Diagrams by themselves don’t tell the whole story.


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